Sports & Entertainment Training



NCS4 now offers sports & entertainment security training for front line venue and event staff. This role-specific online training program is for special event staff such as: security, ushers/ticket takers, concessions staff, retail associates, guest services representative, traffic/parking attendant, and cleaning attendant.

The sports & entertainment training is designed to enhance safety and security efforts for sports and entertainment venues by increasing security awareness and improving capabilities for planning, emergency response, and evacuations. The training curriculum is intended to provide a baseline understanding of safety and security functions for your organization to build upon, all in a flexible online format.




Because it's a simple, cost effective way to provide baseline safety and security training and to background screen your event staff. The sports & entertainment training is an investment in your organization to help qualify your workforce. It can:

  • Enhance the fan experience
  • Mitigate liability
  • Increase confidence in the quality of your staff, contractors, and 3rd-party vendors
  • Convey to your staff that they serve an important role in event operations
  • Lower staffing costs because all applicants are trained to be part of the safety and security team
  • Increase staff efficiency and effectiveness in providing quality guest services


What does the sports & entertainment training cost (per year)?

$26 per applicant