The National Sport Security Laboratory (NSSL) connects safety and security experts with manufacturers and solution providers in an effort to develop capabilities, validate effectiveness, and identify the value technology brings to sports and special event safety and security programs.

Research and Development

Technologies, services, and solutions can be researched, developed, and then evaluated by the NSSL. Alternatively, the NSSL can work with manufacturers and solution providers to identify gaps, best practices, product recommendations, and integration requirements. Through research, the NSSL works with the sports safety and security community and manufacturers to develop processes, policy, and technologies designed to reduce vulnerabilities to sporting and special events.

Product Reviews

Beta, emerging, and established technologies are regularly reviewed by industry and technical experts to examine the applicability of solutions and provide feedback to solutions providers to assist them in determining or enhancing product value to sporting and special event safety and security.  

Product Evaluations

NSSL personnel and industry experts can assist manufacturers and solution providers in defining evaluation criteria for solutions designed for sporting and special event safety and security. Solutions are then field tested in a real-world environment by end-users and technical experts. Products and services are evaluated based on stated capabilities and their effectiveness in addressing industry needs. An evaluation report is distributed to sports safety and security practitioners and leagues. The NSSL maintains an updated evaluated product list.