Background Screening

What background screening does CSVS provide?

The CSVS certification is composed of two background screening components - comprehensive commercial background screening & monthly monitored background screening.

Comprehensive commercial background screening

The commercial background check is the first screening process that occurs when an applicant is enrolled in CSVS. All new applicants receive this screening within 48 hours of being enrolled in the program. The system performs a SSN Trace and screens an applicant against a nationwide criminal database check. Searches include:


The results of the screening are made available to the enrolled applicant within 48 hours. Upon receiving their results, the applicant has up to five days to review and dispute any potential certification disqualifiers using Secure Visitor Screening. After five days, or when the applicant has completed their review (whichever comes first), the results are made available to the organization’s authorized administrator(s).

After the authorized administrator(s) complete their review of the results, they can elect to enroll the applicant into the training.


Monthly monitoring

The CSVS provides monthly monitoring of commercial criminal data or, if a partnering law enforcment agency is involved, the FBI's National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) database. For these organizations, NCIC data consists of the following:

FBI NCIC Sources

Monthly monitoring will commence 90 days following the initial background screening report. For example:

  • An applicant enrolled in March, will receive a commercial background screening. The monthly monitoring will commence in June.
  • An applicant enrolled in June, will receive a commercial background screening. The monthly monitoring will commence in September.

For years 2 and 3, only monthly monitoring will be provided to participants with an active status in CSVS. It is the responsibility of the organization’s authorized administrator(s) to ensure that their participants status' are current.

For organizations that do not have an established relationship with a law enforcement agency, CSVS will provide monthly monitoring of commercial background data. Any changes to the screened data will be automatically reported to the organization’s authorized administrator(s) for further adjudication.


Additional background screenings

Organizations may request additional background screening services for a nominal fee depending upon the service requested. Examples include:

  • Motor Vehicle Registry
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility


Visitor screening for contractors and 3rd party vendors

For organizations partnered with a law enforcement agency, the CSVS program allows you to add visitor tracking and instant screening using Secure Visitor Screening. This  solutions allows sites to scan ID’s or manually enter information that will instantly screen NCIC, state, and local databases as authorized by partnering law enforcement agency.

Users will receive either a green or red light to alert you to a potential threat.

  • Green light – means no potentially disqualifying information is detected and the person is cleared for entry
  • Red light – means potential disqualifying information is detected. A “hit response” is sent to the partnering law enforcing agency for immediate review. The law enforcement agency can take appropriate action or “GREENLIGHT” the person.

Secure Visitor Screening requires a 12-month minimum subscription and may require additional peripherals.