Allan Jones

Subject Matter Expert in International Training and Capacity Building

Allan is a former British police officer who served 29 years with the Royal Ulster Constabulary/ Police Service of Northern Ireland and he has extensive experience in managing crowds, civil unrest and terrorism. During his service he was commended six times and recognised on a further five times for Bravery and Good Police Work. In 2006 he was awarded the Queen's Police Medal personally by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II for the resolution of the longstanding violence and civil unrest in North Belfast and in 2009 he was awarded the Scottie Addison award for his outstanding contribution to British Police Training by the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK. In 2006 Allan took a unit of Northern Ireland Police Officers to France to take part in the European Deployment training programme by the French Gendarmerie Nationale alongside police contingents from the Guardia Civil from Spain, the Royal Marechaussee from the Netherlands, the Italian Carabinieri, the Romanian Jandarmaria and the Turkish Gendarmerie. Allan completed his police service as Inspector in charge of Public Order training and acted as subject matter expert and adviser to the UK Government in Northern Ireland, multiple British Police forces and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.
Since leaving the service Allan has worked on training and advising Police Commanders in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and he is a regular lecturer at Queens University in Belfast. In 2013 he was recruited to the Scottish Police College in Tulliallen to design and deliver their first events management course in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The games were an outstanding success with 4950 athletes from 71 nations engaged 17 different sports with 1.3 million ticketed spectators. In 2014 he designed, delivered and managed the training of the Jordanian Gendarmerie in crowd control, protest management and events management in the wake of the 'Arab Uprisings' and in 2016 he was recruited to design and deliver the training for tactical police commanders responsible for the delivery of the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar.
Allan is a keen sports fan and in 2009 he was recruited as the Events Safety Manager for Ulster Rugby and he implemented a number of changes to the stadium improving safety for staff and supporters alike.

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