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CSSP Review Course

Not sure where to start studying for the Certified Sport Securiy Professional (CSSP) certification exam? NCS4’s intensive review course is a comprehensive training tool that will help you master key content areas covered on the exam, while providing invaluable networking with subject matter experts and peers in the field.

The review course is a one-day intensive session that covers the six knowledge domains of the CSSP exam.  Each module provides participants with a renewed understanding of the terms, rules, principles, concepts and procedures applicable to the work performed by sport safety and security professionals. Practice test questions with immediate feedback help you identify areas for further study and assess your readiness to take the actual exam.

The course consists of six modules that cover the core competencies of sport security professionals tested on the CSSP exam.

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Enrollment in the CSSP Review Course includes a complimentary copy of the CSSP Study Guide. The CSSP Review Course is intended to supplement other exam preparation activities.  Participation in review courses does not guarantee success on the certification exam.


Review Course Cost: $349

For more information about the CSSP or other questions you may have, please contact the NCS4 Certification Department at Certification.Support@usm.edu or (601) 266-609