Integrated Technology



The National Sport Security Laboratory (NSSL) exposes practitioners and students to a fully outfitted research, training, and operation center with integrated safety and security technologies.   The NSSL derives its unique position through its connectivity to each of the university's three main sports facilities. The M.M. Roberts Stadium (football), Reed Green Coliseum (basketball), and Pete Taylor Baseball Park (baseball) serve as technology, training and exercising extensions of the lab. The university applies sport safety and security best practices in an environment uniquely designed to integrate people, processes and technology. Students, practitioners, and solution providers can engage in exploring the problems of today in an effort to solve the problems of tomorrow.

The NSSL is an operational multiagency coordination center, designed to provide an optimal environment for research, validation, training and operations. A complete list of integrated hardware is available here

The state-of-the-art audio/visual system allows users to seamlessly coordinate, display, and dessimenate information. Lab tested technologies are made available for training, operations, and experimentation. Students can build an understanding of the role technologies play in safety and security, while practitioners can explore and train with capable solutions.


The Official Control Room Integrator of the NSSL
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