Technology Testing

National Sport Security Laboratory

Testing and evaluation of safety and security equipment, systems, and processes


NCS4’s National Sports Security Laboratory (NSSL) offers solution providers an independent, impartial testing environment to validate their products and services for sports and special events. The NSSL provides industry professionals with an awareness of new solutions and a comprehensive review to assist them in making informed decisions regarding the procurement and deployment of products and services. Examples of these providers may include, but are not limited to: screening, evaluation, access control, video surveillance, explosive detection and information management.

Following an evaluation, solution providers are featured in the NCS4 Buyer’s Guide for no less than one year and receive additional opportunities to educate and inform NCS4’s network, which includes:

·         Professional Leagues

·         Open-access Events

·         Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Athletics

·         Professional associations

·         Private Sector Firms

·         Government Agencies

The NSSL is a critical resource for sport venue managers, event managers, first responders and key stakeholders. 

Vendors interested in having their products and/or processes evaluated should contact NCS4 Lab Director Daniel Ward at or 601.266.5999.

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