Best Practices

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) at the University of Southern Mississippi recognizes the inherent need for providing effective safety and security measures for sports and special events of all sizes.  To promote a consistent methodology for risk management and security planning, the Center hosts annual summits for Intercollegiate Athletics, Interscholastic Athletics and After-School Activities, Commercial Sport and Entertainment Facilities, and Marathons and Running Events. 


During these summits, representatives from event management, facilities operations, law enforcement, emergency management, fire, emergency medical services, technology firms, and public safety agencies discuss current safety and security issues, identify solutions, and propose future best practices through professional collaboration.  The summits are an invaluable opportunity to discuss common challenges with other professionals, share lessons learned, and identify innovative solutions to help improve current safety and security operations.  


Moderated discussions with security experts during the summits, along with supplemental academic research, contribute to the development of safety and security best practice guidebooks on an annual basis.  These guidebooks are available for purchase through the Mimeo Marketplace to assist those responsible for safety and security at sports and special events.


The NCS4 partners with Mimeo, a print on-demand and digital distribution company, to offer a secure digital platform that allows users to engage with content on any device, from anywhere – even when offline. The platform offers a variety of tools, such as search capabilities, note taking, and highlighting that are not available in a basic PDF format.  Through the Mimeo Marketplace, you can purchase digital and/or print copies of the NCS4 Best Practices Guides.  Mimeo's cutting-edge print technology ensures the highest quality production and delivers a spiral-bound copy of selected document(s) directly to you.

Best Practice Guides Pricing (per guide):

Digital Copy - $18.00

Print Copy - $35.00

Print and Digital Bundle - $46


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