How to Prepare

CSSP Review Course

The Review Course is a one-day intensive session that covers the six knowledge domains of the CSSP exam. Each module provides participants with a renewed understanding of the terms, rules, principles, concepts and procedures applicable to the work performed by sport safety and security professionals. Practice test questions with immediate feedback help you identify areas for further study and assess your readiness to take the actual exam.

Take advantage of our new Executive Track!

The Sports Security Professional Executive Track is a unique opportunity that packages three (2) DHS/FEMA approved sport safety and security training courses together with a review course to prepare you for the Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP) certification. The Executive Track is designed to tie the various components of the CSSP curriculum into a unifying framework, focusing on reviewing the core knowledge domains of the CSSP certification and preparing participants for the CSSP examination.


Click on the knowledge areas for a suggested list of authoritative references that may assist in preparing for the CSSP certification exam. The authoritative references list provides a concise, yet detailed guide to informative resources for candidates for the CSSP designation. This list is intended for use as a study aid only. Please note that many sources are duplicated under various dimensions to give candidates an idea of what sources to study in preparation for each knowledge domain covered in the examination. NCS4 does not intend the list to imply endorsement of these specific references.

CSSP Knowledge Areas (% of exam questions)

Business & Facility Management (13%) Legal & Regulatory (18%)
Emergency Planning (13%) Crowd Management (19%)
Emergency Management (21%) Security Principles & Practices (16%)

Other Relevant Courses

The provided list of courses was compiled to enable CSSP candidates to better prepare for the CSSP certification exam. NCS4 does not intend the list to imply endorsement of these specific courses. Click on the courses below to find information on course objectives, prerequisites and scheduling:

DHS/FEMA Approved Training Courses and Workshops

Independent Study Courses through DHS/FEMA's Emergency Management Institute

Classroom Workshops through NCS4 and TEEX/NERRTC

FEMA IS 230c

Sport and Special Event Evacuation and Training Exercise: MGT 412

FEMA IS 235b

Sport Event Risk Management: AWR 167

FEMA IS 242b

Sports and Special Events Incident Management: MGT 404


Enhanced Sports & Special Events Incident Management: MGT 440


Threat and Risk Assessment: MGT 310


Senior Officials Workshop for All Hazard Preparedness: MGT 312