Student Involvement

Student Involvement
The Institute at NCS4 is located on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi and is a place where upper-level students at the university can come to enhance their research skills, and younger students can gain essential experience in sports safety and security. It helps students prepare to transition from the world of academia to what will be expected of them when they complete their studies.
 “Being an intern at NCS4 gave me good experience of transferring myself from a student to a working professional. The work here is interesting and challenging.”  - Wuyang Wang
“The Institute has been great to me both educationally and in providing me with valuable work experience. The Institute helped strengthened my communication, interpersonal, research, and organizational skills.”  - Justin Barnes
For students who want to become involved in the Institute, please contact Elizabeth Voorhees at University of Southern Mississippi student looking for practicum hours should click the link below for more information.
ISSI Practicum PDF