Incident Classification

 Incident Classification System
The Institute’s Incident Classification System (ICS) defines and describes 15 incident types affecting sporting events. Under the classification system, both violent and non-violent incidents are classified. Non-violent incidents include Accidents, such as when a fan falls over the railings trying to catch a baseball, or Trespassing instances in which a spectator runs across the field. Violent incidents include Assaults, such as a fan getting into a fight with another fan, or Rioting that is not as prevalent in the United States, but a more common occurrence in countries where football (soccer) is very popular.
  Incident Types in Incident Classification System
• Accident: An unintentional, unforeseen, and unplanned event or circumstance
• Anti-Counterfeiting Operation: Operation carried out by authorities to stop the counterfeiting of goods
• Arson: The willful or malicious burning of property
• Assault: A physical and/or sexual attack carried out by one or more individuals
• Bombing: The detonation, or attempted detonation, of explosives
• Communication: The act of conveying a message, in a verbal or nonverbal manner, which is or is suspected of being maliciously motivated
• Disorderly Conduct: Unruly behavior, which causes annoyance to nearby patrons, constitutes a minor offense
• Illness-Related Medical Emergency: An illness that is severe and poses an immediate risk to a person’s health
• Kidnapping: To seize and detain by unlawful force
• Riot: Public violence, tumult, or disorder; disturbance of the public peace by a group of individuals acting with a common intent
• Security Operation: Operation carried out by authorities such as an arrest, investigation, or search and seizure – does not include anti-counterfeiting operation
• Stampede: A mass movement of people at a common impulse/reaction
• Theft: The unlawful taking of property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently
• Trespassing/Field Rushing: To make an unwarranted or uninvited intrusion
• Vandalism: Willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property
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