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Public Access
Many documents on the lab Web site, including TPEE highlights, summaries, and newsletters, are public access documents and are immediately viewable.

This page will be where we store the public information for our visitors such as TPEE highlights, summaries and NSSL newsletter archives.

TPEE Technical Reports

* Technical Report - Qylur Security Systems (PDF)
* Technical Report - MicroPower Technologies (PDF)
Technical Report - Radiance Technologies (PDF)
Technical Report - CEIA #2 (PDF)
* Technical Report - CEIA (PDF)
* Technical Report - Avigilon (PDF)
* Technical Report - Pixel Velocity (PDF)
* Technical Report - Navigate (PDF)
* Technical Report - E-Verifile (PDF)
* Technical Report - Vision Database Systems (PDF)

TPEE Security Snapshots

* Security Snapshot - InStadium Solutions (PDF)
* Security Snapshot - Guest Assist (PDF)
* Security Snapshot - Security Solutions International (PDF)
* Security Snapshot - Elmridge Protection (PDF)


For more Information, download:

Laboratory Evaluation & Planning Process (.PDF)

or Contact Lou Marciani at 601.266.5675