The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security's (NCS4) offers the nation’s first comprehensive sport and special event security credential for front line venue and event staff. The Certified Sport Venue Staff (CSVS) Certification is a two-part credential composed of a training certificate coupled with a background screening component. The strength of the CSVS lies in the capability to offer this two-part credential in a single package that is far more valuable than either one by itself.

The CSVS certification was designed by industry leading experts for both organizations who have front line staff critical to the safety and security of sport & special events, and for individuals seeking CSVS certification prior to employment. Those who go through this certification program will learn key core fundamentals and role-specific competencies, in addition to receiving a complete background screening.


Roles Targeted


Ticket Takers

Gate Security

Concession Staff

Retail Associates

Parking Attendants

Guest Services Representatives

Cleaning Attendants





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Benefits of Certification

Ø  Gain a nationally recognized certification (including background screening) that is valid through the United States, effective for three (3) years and costs only $36

Ø  Enhance knowledge, skills, and credibility in the sports and special events industry

Ø  For individuals - increase visibility and potential for employment through National Clearinghouse - an online directory publicly available to venues and event managers across the nation


General Information

Ø  The CSVS certification only costs $36/individual

Ø  The certification training/testing program is completely online and includes eight modules (identified as "Roles Targeted" above)

Ø  Trainees can go through all modules or only those specific to their area of work/interest

Ø  During a pilot program, on average the training/testing component of the certification was completed in less than two hours

Ø  The CSVS certification cycle is three (3) years. After the cycle ends, each certified individual must go through the program again and pay the $36 fee to continue their certification status


Registration form available starting June 1st


Highly Recommended! Individuals who have been certified through the Certified Sport Venue Staff program have the option to add their name to the CSVS National Clearinghouse - an online directory visible to venues and event managers around the nation. Once you have been certified, you need only click on the button above to complete the registration form.

In the registration form you will be asked to upload a copy of your current CSVS certificate. Once your registration is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Certification Department.


Background Screening through  

Prior to entry into the certification training/testing program, all venue staff will go through a background-screening provided by our partners at eVerifile. eVerifile is a leader in pre-employment screening and background investigations, and partnering with them allows us to provide candidates with a security credential of significant value. While each venue staff member will go through an initial background-screening, they will also be monitored throughout their certification period on a continuous monthly basis. Venue management will be notified should a certified venue staff member be convicted of a crime during their certification period.

eVerifile will provide pre-certification background screening for individuals employed in sports venues that are working towards gaining sport venue staff certification (CSVS). A nationwide criminal database check and multi-county criminal check will be completed on each individual, using a seven year address history. eVerifile background reports will identify felony and misdemeanor records, probation and parole records, sex offender registry information, and arrest records. If an individual does not have a criminal record, results can be provided instantaneously. However, if an individual has a criminal record, eVerifile will use quality assurance measures to verify the information and therefore information is typically returned to the client within 24 to 72 hours. 


Important Documents

Use of Certification Marks & Logos (Last Updated 4/2/14)






Statement of Non-Discrimination

NCS4 endorses the principles of equal opportunity.  Eligibility criteria for examination and certification are applied equally to all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, or disability.


For more information, contact Elli Voorhees at elizabeth.voorhees@eagles.usm.edu or 601.266.4862.